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At Daley Street Dental, we are lucky to have access to a variety of innovative and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best dental care to you and your family. All of the technologies and tools we use are safe for patients, and our team is specially trained to use these technologies in an effort to improve patient comfort and enhance our dentistry capabilities. 

Digital Radiography

Our practice is happy to offer high-resolution, digital x-rays, which allow us to use substantially less radiation than traditional film x-rays. These digital x-ray films are thin and accurate, and they do not require chemical development. Digital x-rays are designed with patients' comfort in mind, and they also provide your dentist with highly detailed images for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. 

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Panoramic Radiography

Panoramic x-rays allow our dentists to comfortably and accurately view your entire oral cavity. In a single image, the x-ray can capture your entire mouth, including tooth positioning, jawbones, and other surrounding tissues and structures. It can also capture the maxillary sinuses, which are located in the cheek area near the nose. 

Commonly performed during a general examination, panoramic x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that helps us identify oral health conditions such as:

  • Oral cancer 
  • Sinusitis
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Cysts or tumours in the jaw
  • Jaw or TMJ disorders 

With the help of panoramic radiography, we can promptly prepare a treatment plan for dental implants, dentures, braces and extractions. 

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AirFlow Biofilm Therapy

This gentle method of removing stains, plaque, and biofilm during your dental clean appointment is one of our most loved and requested treatments! Utilising a fine glycine powder and warm water, AirFlow Biofilm Therapy allows superior stain removal that is comfortable, effective, and safe for all restorations, including implants and orthodontic brackets. This innovative technology can even be used to treat gum disease.

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ITero Digital Scanner

At Daley Street Dental, we are excited to have the ITero digital scanner that we can use to assist in providing the best dental care. 

We can use this digital scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth for orthodontic treatment, orthodontic retainers, bite splints (or 'nightguards'), mandibular advancement splints for sleep apnea, as well as impressions for restorative treatment such as crowns. Utilising digital scanning technology means less need for traditional impressions (or ‘moulds’) of your teeth and more efficient and accurate treatment planning.

Orthodontic Care

Daley Street Dental offers a wide range of orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages, from young children to adults. We have seen amazing patient smile transformations using both the Invisalign clear aligner system and fixed orthodontic procedures.

Long-term retention is vital for ensuring that your smile is preserved and maintained long after your orthodontic treatment is completed. We have many options, including the clear and comfortable Invisalign Vivera removable retainers, as well as fixed (permanent) bonded wire retainers on the inside of your front teeth. We also offer the advanced aesthetics of the 3M Clarity bracket system and the small and comfortable Victory Low-Profile metallic bracket system.

We also work together with our local specialist orthodontists to collaborate care for our patients with more complex or surgical orthodontic needs.

In-House Mouthguards, Retainers and Whitening Trays

Love your sports? We love to take care of patients requiring adult or child custom mouthguards with our in-house Ministar system. We can fabricate comfortable and protective custom mouthguards, often on the same day.

These are great for growing patients as we can adjust for any teeth that are coming through or baby teeth that are loose or soon to be lost. Our dentists can make allowances for these patients, which will extend the life of your mouthguard while ensuring it remains retentive and comfortable in a mouth that is actively changing.

Our amazing Ministar can also create custom take-home whitening trays to use with our Phillips Zoom! whitening products and remineralising and desensitising agents such as Tooth Mousse or Tooth Mousse Plus.

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Same-Day Ceramic Restorations and Crowns

We are proud to offer our patients convenient, same-day CEREC and EMAX restorations and crowns at our Alstonville dental practice. With the use of our in-house dental milling machine, we can now fabricate and bond your tooth-coloured ceramic restoration in a single visit. You no longer have to wait weeks for a restored smile; same-day ceramic restorations and crowns allow us to deliver exceptional results faster than ever before. 

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Our caring dentists and support staff always strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your dental appointment. However, sometimes our dentists may offer nitrous oxide sedation (‘happy gas’ or ‘laughing gas’) for patients who need extra help calming their nerves or anxiety. Helpful and safe for children and adults alike, nitrous oxide is an adjustable combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide inhaled through a soft appliance that rests over your nose. The aim is to achieve a comfortable level of relaxation that will help you feel more at ease during your treatment. 

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