Cosmetic Dentistry

Daley Street Dental offers a full range of cosmetic dental services, including teeth bleaching, tooth recontouring, composite bonding, veneers, crowns and bridges. Our smile is often the first thing people notice about us, and having a smile that we are happy with can make communicating, eating and laughing more pleasant and comfortable.

We believe the best accessory you can wear is your smile, and you deserve to don a grin you’re happy to share with the world. Cosmetic dentistry in Alstonville allows you to address any aesthetic flaws and repair damaged teeth so you can attain the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services 

We offer various cosmetic dental services that can repair chips or breaks and conceal minor smile imperfections. 

#1 Zoom! Teeth Whitening 

We use Zoom! teeth whitening to lift hard stains and eliminate tooth discolouration. We carefully apply the hydrogen peroxide Zoom bleaching gel to the teeth, and we use a special lamp that activates the gel to remove the stains. Once the whitening process is complete, we apply a different gel to your teeth to reduce the risk of sensitivity. 

#2 Tooth Recontouring 

Tooth recontouring or reshaping allows us to alter a tooth’s shape, length or surface by removing minimal enamel. If you have aesthetic inconsistencies, recontouring can give you a more harmonious and balanced smile.  

#3 Composite Bonding

We use tooth-coloured composite resin to repair damaged, broken, decayed or discoloured teeth. The bonding procedure consists of roughening the surface of the tooth or teeth and applying a liquid that allows the bonding to remain secure on the tooth. Once the resin is applied, your dentist then shapes it and uses ultraviolet light to harden the resin, ensuring its strength and durability. 

#4 Porcelain Veneers 

Porcelain veneers are thin shell-like coverings that camouflage gaps, cracks and chips in your teeth. Porcelain veneers are placed over the surface of the tooth to restore your smile’s symmetry and improve the appearance of misaligned or discoloured teeth. 

#5 Smile Makeovers 

If you are unhappy with how your smile looks, we offer digital smile design for smile makeovers. Together, we determine which characteristics of your smile you would like to change, and we develop a customised treatment that helps us reach your aesthetic aspirations. Smile makeovers typically include multiple cosmetic treatments to give you a new, fresh look.  

#6 Crowns and Bridges 

Our highly aesthetic dental crowns and bridges can restore your smile’s appearance and function. Crowns can protect, replace or strengthen a weakened, decayed or damaged tooth. Dental bridges can replace missing teeth and give you a complete smile. We offer same-day EMAX and CEREC crowns, zirconia crowns and traditional porcelain crowns.

#7 Dental Implants 

Dental implants replace missing teeth and restore necessary function for chewing, biting, and speaking. Dental implants are placed in the jaw to anchor prosthetic teeth and complete a patient's smile. Daley Street Dental offers several different types of dental implants, depending on each patient's unique needs and smile goals: All-on-4 implants, single-tooth implants, multiple tooth implant bridges, and implant-supported dentures.

Reliable Cosmetic Dentistry in Alstonville, NSW

Each of our cosmetic dental treatments is completely customised to fit your unique needs and aesthetic goals. We want your smile to look, feel and function just like natural teeth. We also ensure that your new smile complements your facial features, skin tone and hair colour so you can look and feel your best. 

If you’re ready to repair damaged or discoloured teeth, we invite you to book an appointment with us today!