General Dentistry

Oral health is directly connected to whole-body health. Without a healthy smile, one may experience pain, discomfort, and other issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and even heart conditions. Daley Street Dental provides comprehensive general dentistry to Alstonville, NSW and surrounding areas. 

Prevention Is Our Priority

Daley Street Dental focuses on prevention so families can have the opportunity to maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime. We strive to prevent oral health conditions whenever possible through regular dental exams, teeth cleans and digital dental x-rays. We can often detect conditions like gum disease and decay in the earliest stages before they pose a threat to your smile.  

  1. Comprehensive dental exams allow us to evaluate and monitor the health of your teeth and gums. We also look for signs of gum disease and other irregularities. 
  2. We use AirFlow Biofilm Therapy to clean patients' teeth so they can maintain the strength and vitality of their smile. Our hygienists thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from the teeth's surfaces (including restorations), and they complete the session with a refreshing dental polish. 
  3. Digital dental and panoramic x-rays aid us in diagnosing conditions that may not be visible with a visual exam. X-rays allow us to examine your mouth’s underlying structures so we can check for decay, infection, bone loss, cysts and tumours. 

We typically encourage patients to receive a dental exam and clean every six months to remain proactive in their dental health. 

Realistic Restorative Dentistry   

Daley Street Dental can repair damaged or decayed teeth with restorative treatments, such as tooth-coloured fillings, bonding, crowns and sealants. 

  1. Tooth-coloured fillings – Tooth-coloured fillings restore teeth with cavities and small cracks, improving function and durability. 
  2. Bonding – We can mend chipped or fractured teeth with aesthetic bonding that strengthens damaged or decayed teeth and conceals discolouration. 
  3. Crowns – Crowns are designed to protect and preserve damaged or decayed teeth.
  4. Sealants – Sealant restorations are plastic coatings that are easily applied to the susceptible pits and grooves of permanent teeth to protect them from tooth decay.

 All of our restorations are customised to match your natural smile and compliment your facial features, skin tone and hair colour. It's our goal to ensure your new smile looks and feels fantastic, and we can even keep your restorations clean and bright using AirFlow Biofilm Therapy. 

Reliable Tooth-Replacement Options

It’s our priority to save a patient’s natural smile when possible, but sometimes removing a tooth could protect one’s oral health when a restoration may not be the most ideal course of action. 

We offer the following options to replace missing teeth:

  1. Dental bridges – Dental bridges replace a missing tooth, or multiple teeth, by using remaining natural teeth to secure a prosthetic tooth in place. 
  2. Dental implants – Dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw to replace a tooth root and support dental crowns. 
  3. Complete dentures – Complete dentures are removable prosthetics that replace all upper or lower teeth. 
  4. Partial dentures – Partial dentures anchor a prosthetic to remaining natural teeth to replace one or more missing teeth. 

One of our compassionate and highly skilled dentists can provide you with a thorough oral health evaluation to determine which option could restore your smile’s function and appearance.

Ready to Ring Your Alstonville General Dentist?

Our team at Daley Street Dental strives to offer families exceptional dental care in a kind and friendly atmosphere. Whether you require a filling, crown or implant, we are here to help you preserve your smile’s health. To book an appointment with one of our general dentists in Alstonville, we invite you to contact our dental clinic.