Emergency Dentistry

At Daley Street Dental, we strive to help you recover as quickly and comfortably as possible in the case of a dental emergency. Because your health and comfort are important to us, we have after hours care and offer immediate appointments. We are open six days a week, and we are open until 7pm on Mondays. We accept emergency patients on short notice, so if you are in pain, we can see you today!   

If you need an emergency dentist in Northern Rivers, residents should know that they can depend on our team at Daley Street Dental. Our dental clinic provides emergency care for patients in pain and distress caused by injury or infection. We invite you to call us for an immediate appointment so we can help relieve your pain and discomfort. Our after hours phone number is 0490 280 783.

The Importance of Urgent Dental Care 

Patients who experience a dental emergency are highly encouraged to seek urgent dental care so their concerns can be assessed and treatment can begin immediately. Treatment can range from simple repairs to more complex reconstructions, depending on each patient’s unique situation. 

Our Emergency Dental Services

We can provide patients with almost any type of emergency dental care needed. We offer emergency root canals, extractions, fillings, restorations and more at our dental clinic. Our gentle and compassionate team provides patients with strong anaesthetics so they can be relaxed and numb during their treatment, such as:

  • Nitrous oxide (‘happy gas’) 
  • Oral pre-medications 
  • ‘Twilight’ sleep dentistry 
  • General anaesthetic in a local hospital setting

To ensure you are as comfortable as possible, we also offer neck pillows and blankets for those who would like to stay relaxed and cozy. 

Common Dental Emergencies 

Dental emergencies include accidents involving your teeth or mouth, such as infection, abscess and swelling. We encourage you to always seek treatment when a dental emergency occurs to improve the chance of saving the tooth and preventing more serious infections from occurring.

Common dental emergencies often include:

  • Severe toothache 
  • Knocked-out tooth 
  • Abscessed tooth 
  • Cracked, broken or chipped tooth 
  • Lost restorations 
  • Difficulty opening or closing the jaw 
  • Swelling in the mouth or of the face or neck 
  • Uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth 

What to Expect at Your Emergency Dental Appointment

During your emergency dental appointment in Alstonville, the dentist will perform an examination and may take x-rays to aid in diagnosing and assessing the extent of the damage. Once the dentist has a better understanding of your situation, we can:

  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Explain any associated risks 
  • Prescribe medications to help reduce pain and discomfort

It’s important to keep in mind we may not be able to complete your treatment in a single appointment, as the primary goal of an emergency appointment is to get you out of pain!

If you have an infection, it will require antibiotics, and they may take some time to work, but we can prescribe them at your appointment.  

Emergency Dental Care in Alstonville

Injury to our teeth, gums or jaws can occur in an instant, and it can have lifelong consequences if not promptly treated by a skilled and experienced Alstonville emergency dentist. 

To ensure our patients receive the prompt dental care they need, we reserve slots throughout the day for emergency cases. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we encourage you to call our dental clinic so we can prioritise your care. You can call us on (02) 6628 0783 to book an emergency appointment during business hours.

If you or your child has an emergency after hours, we ask that you please call our after-hours, on-call phone number at 0409 280 783.